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Team5 Technologies was formed to provide comprehensive IT solutions and support to businesses. With a team of qualified and certified professionals, we serve clients of all sizes over a wide range of diverse organizations and business disciplines. At Team5 Technologies our goal is to help customers realize the full potential of today’s cutting-edge technologies-so you can make work easier and more efficient for knowledge workers at every level in your organization. Team5 Technologies connects people to the right information at the right time, helping them make better- informed, faster decisions.


Our Solutions

Cloud and Collaboration technology offers a wealth of user-centric features

that can transform the communication experience...

Cloud and Collaboration

Achieve seamless scalability and secure connectivity with our efficient network solutions to enhance your organization’s efficiency...

Connectivity Solutions

Testing & Measurement

Making sure things

perform properly is just

our starting point. We

bring clarity in the face of complexity. We partner with you throughout your journey...

Data center automation  reduces the time IT needs to perform routine tasks and enables them to deliver services on

demand in a repeatable, automated manner...

DC Automation

Managed Solutions

Managed Solution 

combines Unlimited IT Support with Proactive monitoring of your IT Infrastructure. which helps your company to focus on your core activities...

Awards and Recognitions

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Our Valued Customers

Our Valued Customers