Connectivity Solutions

Our award-winning solutions to give your business a global competitive advantage

Network Services

As a global leader in communications and networking, we can supply the scale, technologies, services and IT infrastructure your enterprise needs – on demand, anywhere in the world, saving you time and money.

Unified Communications

Future-proof your organisation and benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions that work alongside – and move beyond – your existing systems.

Data Centres

We’re living in a disruptive age. Give your infrastructure the agility it needs to survive – and the scalability and security to thrive – through Tata Communications’ complete suite of Cloud and Hosting services.


Today’s voice market provides exciting opportunities to monetize IP convergence and enable innovation for providers that can successfully navigate a crowded landscape and squeezed margins.


We can help defend your organisation from a wide range of network attacks through our innovative Adaptive Security framework. Fully customisable options will match your exact security requirements, and your budget.

Mobility & IoT

We’re equipping enterprises to seize the immense opportunities in a world where people and things are always connected. Digitalize operations & accelerate new revenue opportunities with the Internet of Things.

Use our award-winning network solutions to give your business a global competitive advantage.

Every year technological advances bring new speed, power and capabilities to voice, data and IP communications. As these technologies evolve, your organisation must stay on the leading edge or risk losing to competition. That’s why it’s imperative to align your business with a proven leader in global communications – Tata Communications.

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